The Different Types of Washing Machine

The washing machine provided by lavadora industrial is one of the tools that can make it easier for you to wash clothes, washing machines have 3 types. Each type has a special way to make your laundry cleaner. There are 3 types of washing machines namely, 2 tube washing machines, 1 top loading washing machine, 1 front loading washing machine.

1. Washing Machine 2 Tubes

The price of a 2 tube washing machine is more affordable than other types of washing machines. The use of electricity is relatively less because this washing machine is designed to be economical. The shortage of 2 tube washing machines is that you have to spend energy to move clothes from one tube to the drying tube after the clothes are washed, the washing process becomes 2 stages. It will require a lot of water volume, because if the washing machine lacks water.

2. Washing Tubes 1 Tube Top Loading

This washing machine is a development of 2 tube washing machines even though it is still vertical but there is a reduction in the number of tubes. In this washing machine there is only 1 tube that functions to wash while drying clothes on the same tube automatically, you no longer need to move the laundry from one tube to another tube as happened in the 2 tube washing machine. The advantages of a top loading 1 washing machine are relatively lower electrical power.

3. Washing Machine 1 Tube Front Loading

This type of washing machine has 1 tube designed horizontally with a vertical rotation direction. Like a top loading washing machine 1 tube, a front loading 1 washing machine will automatically wash your clothes from filling water, washing, rinsing to laundry squeeze. The advantages of 1 front loading tube washing machine are that the washing process is more effective than the 2 previous washing machine. The risk of damage to the material or clothing is the minimum because of the vertical shaft More practical because the washing and drying process is done automatically.