The Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Wooden Floor

In addition to being able to present a natural impression instantly, wooden floors, also known as parquet or parquet, also make residents safe from interference from ‘catching up’. Parquet has an average temperature that is warmer than ceramic or granite floors. Because of the different materials, wood floors also have different properties, as well as how to treat them. If you know that your wooden floor requires the certain maintenance and care, let tile cleaning sydney professional do the clean job so you can keep the tile clean and even prevent making the possible mistakes while cleaning the tile, such as:

Let be exposed to water

Towards the rainy season, always check the condition of your home. Usually, even if the house does not leak, there are some parts that are easily exposed to rainwater seepage. For example, the wall that faces directly onto the road without being covered by the roof again. Make sure this part of the wall has a layer of waterproof paint. The reason is that even though it is only in the form of seepage or droplets of water, wood floors that are often exposed to water will be easily damaged and no longer sturdy.

Use a vacuum with a rotating brush

Wood flooring must be vacuumed every week because the dust that sticks to it makes it quickly scratched and damages the surface of the floor. If you use the tip of the vacuum with a brush, the tip of the brush will make the scratches on the floor deeper. You also should not immediately sweep the dusty floor. First suck the dust, then you sweep it back with the floor broom.

Pitched too often

Moist conditions on the floor surface will make the wood floor weathered quickly. You just need to mop the floor every two weeks. For daily cleaning, vacuum the floor surface. Also, don’t use ceramic floor cleaning liquid, but use wood floor cleaning liquid.

Wrong choosing carpet

We recommend that you avoid the bottom of the carpet using rubber because it can make the color of the floor dull. We recommend using rugs or carpets that have a soft base and roll the carpet when not in use so that the wood floor does not quickly become damp.

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