These Two Things That Will Happen When You Take Alcohol Before Eating

Many adults think that consuming alcohol is not a dangerous thing. this is true but if consumed in the right amount. If it is excessive, it will cause effects that are not good for the body, especially brain function. For those who are too addicted to alcohol, they will seek alcohol detox centers to cure their addiction.


Consuming alcohol in the right way will indeed have a good impact. however, consuming alcohol before meals will make the body get a bad impact. Here are some things that will happen to your body when consuming alcohol before eating.

1. It’s easier to get drunk
if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach or have not eaten, you are guaranteed to be drunk faster than if you drink alcohol after eating. Because, if there are other foods and nutrients that must be absorbed by the digestive system, alcohol will not be directly digested and enter into your blood.
Whereas if you haven’t eaten, the alcohol you drink will be absorbed faster and flowed throughout the body. As a result, the faster and the more alcohol levels that enter the brain. You also get drunk faster than usual.

2. You will eat more afterward
Apparently according to various studies, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will actually make you eat more afterward.
A study in the Obesity journal in 2015 revealed that people who drink alcohol before eating end up eating seven percent more than people who don’t drink before eating. Another study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior proved something similar. The study participants who drank red wine before eating turned out to be eating up to 25 percent more.
So be careful if you are accustomed to drinking alcohol before eating. You might even eat more. This certainly risks increasing your weight. Therefore, make it a habit to consume alcoholic beverages after eating after your stomach is filled with important food and nutrients.