Examining the condenser, pipes, and the valve of a car AC unit

Look at the condenser fin’s surface, whether it’s dented or dirty. Also, see if there is oil that indicates a leak in the condenser. Check for the possible build-up of dirt because this affects the cooling process of the condenser. On the other hand, go to airconservicingsingapore.com/ when you must examine the AC in your house.


In addition, check both aluminum or flexible pipes from leaks, cracks, or pinches resulting in pipe leaks.

Check all connections on the pipe, if there is a leak, there may be wet oil ac. Also, check the service valve for possible leakage.

“Service valve = valve on the ac pipe for filling and disposal of freons”

Furthermore, the expansion valve in the car has several types. The type of expansion valve that we check is the condition from the outside in the form of a box. This component is placed in the Evaporator’s house. To check it by looking at the expansion valve whether it looks leak or not. The second type of expansion valve is inside the evaporator’s house. we cannot check physically but we can check with measuring pressure (only the technique can do this).