Causes of Not Cold AC

Your air conditioner is not cold? Before we discuss the various causes we must first separate the case between the new AC and the old AC because the cause can be different from the two cases. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out the repair service for the ductless air conditioner as well.

Newly Installed AC Is Not Cold
For new, non-cold air conditioners, this is usually the case for 2 things:

PK selection that is not right for your room
1. Inappropriate installation

2. The inappropriate selection of PK will make your room feel less cold because it takes a long time for your air conditioner to cool your room.

Have you chosen the right PK from your AC?

Following is the guide for choosing PK from AC

1 / 2PK = 5000 Btu / h (room size 10m2).
3 / 4PK = 7000 Btu / h (room size 14m2).
1KK = 9000 Btu / h (room size 18m2).
1 1 / 2PK = 12000 Btu / h (room size 24m2).
2PK = 18000 Btu / h (room size 36m2).

Look for this calculation in detail can be seen on the page How much PK do you need? In general, do not choose PK that is too right for the room because it must be calculated how many people use the room. The more people who use your room will need air conditioning with a higher PK.

If the calculation of PK has no problem means the possibility of an installation error. Check the outdoor unit and make sure it’s not covered by anything. This outdoor unit needs space to release the heat. The following is an empty space of around 60 cm – 1 m from the outdoor AC fan. Also, make sure that this outdoor unit is not mounted in contact with other outdoor units if you have more than one. In essence, make sure your outdoor unit can release heat properly.