Simple tips for maintaining your watches

Just as we wash the car, to keep the outer appearance smooth and protected from dust and dirt, we will periodically take a few moments to ensure that the watch movement we have is clean. Here are some tips for overall care and cleaning. Additionally, you may also need to check out the tag watch if you’re interested.

Watch Case

Wipe the watch with a lint-free cloth and use a toothpick to remove dirt from the cracks. If our watch is a waterproof watch, then we can clean it with warm water and mild soap then dry with a cloth. Clean the watch with a soft cloth when exposed to sweat when using it.


There is a watch that might have a scratch-resistant crystal, but there is no crystal that is completely flawless and cracked. It is better to store or wrap it in a soft cloth before defects occur in the crystal. The more care we take, the fewer scratches will appear and appear on the crystal.
Replace the broken or scratched crystal immediately. If we put the watch in a drawer with other jewelry, this can also cause scratches, because friction will occur with other pieces.

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