Nice place that you can visit when you’re in Mecca

For travelers who like to shop, either for their own storage or collection and for souvenirs for friends and relatives, this traditional market called Pasar Bab Mekkah is the right choice to buy special items there as well as a number of souvenirs. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out the best way to learn quranic arabic as well, so you can understand Quran and speak with the locals easier when you visit Saudi Arabia.

Located in Suhaifa, this market will fulfill all the needs and desires of travelers. This market starts operating from morning and will start packing and not serving visitors and buyers when approaching the midday. Cheap and complete are the advantages of this traditional market rather than shopping centers or traditional markets in other places.

Padang Arafat

In the Hajj, Arafat is one of the most important places because in this place there is an obligation that must be fulfilled by the pilgrims. Before being alone is a pillar of pilgrimage where if the Wukuf is not carried out, the pilgrimage will not be considered valid. The condition at Arafat is a replica in Padang Mahsyar when Allah SWT awakens humans on a predetermined day, when that period arrives then all humans will be in the presence of Allah SWT with the same degree and only the quality of faith that makes these humans different with others. The visit of the pilgrims to Arafah, among others, goes to these places:

1. Namira Mosque.

2. The known Jabal Rahmah is a memorial that was built to commemorate the meeting on earth between Siti Hawa and Prophet Adam, who are considered the ancestors of humans.

Nabawi Mosque

Another mosque which is worth visiting when the umrah and pilgrimage are the Nabawi Mosque located in the city of Medina and it is also important to know that the Prophet Muhammad built the mosque. Finally, this mosque became the grave site itself and his friends. After the Grand Mosque that we discussed earlier, which is in Mecca, and the Aqsa Mosque located in Jerusalem, this mosque is also the main one for Muslims.

The largest mosque in the world’s second rank is certainly the Nabawi Mosque following the Grand Mosque.

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