Condo Vs. Single-family House

Compared to condo prices, house prices, especially those in big cities are expensive and the price continues to increase significantly year to year. This may become the reason why some individuals unable to afford it until they then switch to a condo, the Antares for example.

Treatment can be done alone

Houses will always need regular clean and care both inside and outside. You can take care of your the Antares condo unit without spending more money to pay someone.

The location is close to the workplace and other strategic areas

The condos including the Antares are usually built in the city center and close to industrial estates or offices. Not surprisingly, the majority of condo residents are employees who work in office areas in the area. In addition, the condo also provides easy access to other strategic areas, such as schools, hospitals, malls, and entertainment areas. This is very suitable with the urban lifestyle.

Come in the form of full-furnished

Many condos are currently sold in full-furnished form. The condo is equipped with furniture, sofas, beds, lighting, and other elements so that residents only have to occupy it. This certainly makes it easy for the residents of the condo, so they do not need to allocate additional time and costs to complement their condo with furniture. Before buying the Antares unit, you can ask this matter.

Care is borne by the condo manager

In each condo building is usually equipped with a manager that includes daily officers, janitors, to security. So, we don’t need to worry in terms of maintenance and security of the condo.

Complete facilities

In condo areas, especially premium condos, there are usually various kinds of luxury facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, jogging areas, parks, etc. In addition, this condo area is also equipped with a sophisticated parking system and is maintained 24 hours, so that our vehicles will be safely placed in this area.

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